The duties and responsibilities for different category of officers and other officials is by and large as follows which can depending on circumstances and exegencies of work be atltered at the discretion of the competent authority.

Duties and Responsibilities attached to the post of Secretary, Delhi Urban Art Commission

1. To function as the Chief Executive of the Commission's Secretariat and take decisions in all administrative and financial matters with the help of officers and staff.

2. To authenticate and issue orders on behalf of the Commission.

3. To scrutinize the projects and proposals received by the Commission with the help of his officers and staff.

4. To take all such action as is necessary including inspection of sites, the collection of material etc., for the scrutiny of such projects. To advise and assist the Commission in the appraisal and assessment of projects received and placed before them for approval.

5. To prepare the agenda for the Commission's meetings, issue notices for meetings and keep record of the discussions of the Commission by having minutes drawn up to implement and communicate to the concerned architects and authorities the discussion of the Commission.

6. To operate the "fund" of the Commission with the help of his officers and staff and to have the record of all financial transaction maintained with the approval from or the inspection of the CAG.

7. To represent the Commission in all departmental meetings either personally or by deputing one of the officers of the Commission.

8. To act as coordinator in respect of the Task forces constituted by the Commission. 9. Secretary DUAC is also the Member-Secretary of the heritage Conservation Committee constituted by the Government under the Building Bye-laws.

Assistant Secretary (Tech.)

Below Secretary, Assistant Secretary (Tech.) is the only Architect-technical officer in the organisation who is required to scrutinize each and every building technical proposal. In the absence of the other technical posts that of Urban Designer, Architect Planner and Deputy Architect which have lapsed, he has to perform the technical functions relating to those posts as well. He supervises the work of Architectural Assistants directly. Briefly the duties include any or all of the duties as assigned by the competent authority:

1. Helping in arranging of the meetings of the Commission as well as Sub-­Committees.

2. Guiding architects/promoters and representatives of local bodies (DDA/MCD/NDMC etc.).

3. Evaluation of reports prepared by other departments.

4. Advising the Commission on proposals with reference to Master Plan provisions and central government policy instructions.

5. Preparation of notes and minutes of Sub-committee meetings as well as Commission's meetings as well as Sub-Committee meetings.

6. Advising the Commission on changes of land use etc.

7. Study the projects coming from NDMC, MCD, DDA or submitted by the Architect directly and prepare note from aesthetic and functional point of view for appraising the commission.

8. Act as studio incharge for the City Level Hub which inducts City Level Studies.

9. Explain the project to the Commission when required and give suggestions for the improvement of the schemes.

10. Arrange as well as undertake site visits of the proposals.

11. Examine revised project and drawings before they are put up before Sub­ Committees /Commission again for approval whether they are in accordance with the suggestions made earlier.

12. Once the minutes of the meetings are confirmed preparing letters for conveying decisions of the Commission to all concerned.

13. Ensuring that the architectural drawings are complete before the Secretary signs them for releasing.

14. Discuss the project with the architects and give them necessary guidance in order to improve their schemes and also give them advice about how to submit the project to the Commission.

15. Attend the meeting on behalf of the Commission with the DDA or Ministry or any other organisation.

16. See that the projects are properly displayed before the meeting in accordance with Commission's bye-laws.

17. To supervise entry of data by all concerned in the technical software.

18. Make available inputs for the Annual Report of the Commission, suo-moto studies.

19. Right to Information - Has been appointed as CPIO of DUAC for disposal of RTI applications.

20. Any other job assigned in the interest of the Commission.

Administrative Officer

The duties and responsibilities of the Administrative Officer are multifarious in nature which also include certain non-administrative functions in the absence of adequate number of officers in the Commission. On the administrative side the Administrative Officer has the support of one Assistant and Upper Division Clerk cum Cashier. The categories of work handled by the Administrative Officer are any or all of the following duties as decided by the competent authority:-

  1. General Administration
    1. Security of the office.
    2. Welfare activities.
    3. Public relations.
    4. Controlling officer of staff car.
    5. As a functionary for implementing conduct and discipline rules.
    6. Member Secretary Board of Trustees, DUAC Employees CP Fund.
    7. Purchase, custody and issue of stores.
    8. Member Secretary, Departmental Promotion Committees and Selection Committees.
    9. Overall administration of the office.
    10. Formulation/amendment of rules, regulations relating to administration and service matters etc.
    11. Disposal of matters covered in audit reports, removal of audit objections.
    12. Event Manager for workshops, exhibitions, meetings.
  2. Support on Technical matters
    1. Drafting of Annual Reports of the Commission.
    2. Formulation of replies to Parliament Questions.
    3. All other Parliament related work.
    4. Work relating to Technical Matters – In the absence of adequate number of technical officers Administrative Officer is entrusted with the responsibility of work relating to number of macro level studies taken up by the Commission.
  3. Heritage Conservation Committee (HCC) : Policy matters pertaining to HCC headed by Addl. Secretary as Chairman.
  4. Formulation of Budget, Accounts and Audit
    1. Formulation of Budget proposal of the Commission.
    2. Ensuring timely preparation of Accounts in the prescribed format.
    3. Interaction with Audit and settlement of audit paras.
  5. Legal matters
    1. Preparation of draft affidavits for court cases, attending Courts, interaction with Advocate.
  6. Implementation of Official Language Policy of the Government
    1. To monitor implementation of Official Language Policy of the Govt.
  7. Overall management of DUAC website and designing technical programming systems

Duties of other employees

The duties of other employees are by and large as contained in the Notes on Office Procedure issued by the Government.