DUAC's Initiatives

Delhi A Heritage City


In sheer volume and variety of historical footprints, Delhi rivals other acknowledged World Heritage cities like Rome and Edinburgh. But unlike Rome, only a few of its historic monuments are in the public eye and so constitute its public identify. Some like the Qutb Minar and Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort are so exceptional that they have already been inscribed in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list. Others like the Jama Masjid are in the popular tourists circuit, but the majority, of comparable significance, lie in the interstices of the modern city, neglected and forgotten. Few are therefore, able to appreciate the extent of Delhi’s actual architectural heritage.

The time is right now to promote the common agenda of conserving Delhi’s heritage, and a strong platform that now exists in Delhi can successfully be translated into making Delhi a World Heritage City.

It is with this background that the proposal was initiated.