DUAC's Initiatives

Khirkee an Urban Village

With the rapid pace of urbanization in Delhi, many villages have got progressively severed from their traditional source of sustenance agriculture- as they got surrounded by urban growth. They have changed and grown in response to the pressures and opportunities of surrounding urban development. Hitherto the Master Plan for Delhi has presumed that such urban villages will continue as traditional residential communities. Over the years many urban villages have substantially changed from this character and have grown haphazardly.

Khirkee village is one such significant urban village. It has a long history. Having been established around Khirkee mosque, today, it is adjacent to intensive development (the Saket District Centre and the District Court). Additionally, much of its agricultural land has now a residential colony called Khirkee Extension.

Initiated by DUAC become a proposal for improving the civic condition of Khirkee Village and planning development of the peripheral areas in the context the Saket District Centre, and development proposals for around the Khirkee Mosque which is at the centre of the Village, has been finalized. The detailed project report will be prepared by DDA.

Extensive work has been undertaken by DUAC for Khirkee Village and DDA is in process of working implementation. Based on experience from this, other villages in South Delhi Heritage value can be taken up e.g. Masjid Moth, Hauz Rani.